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‘Inside’ (À l’intérieur)

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Poster for 'A L'Interieur

Inside (aka À l’intérieur) (2007) Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury. Starring Alysson Paradis, Béatrice Dalle, Nathalie Roussel.

Genuinely disturbing, poetic and precise, every cut, frame, shock, and thought fine-tuned to freak you out, Inside is a neo-horror near-masterpiece.

 …for any true fan of horror, Inside is a must-watch.

Inside is a textbook example of how to shock a disillusioned horror viewer like myself out of a mediocrity-induced coma.

It’s concrete proof that there is art to be found in the most horrific places.

I want to bow down and thank France for their glorious gift to us; the film which definitely cancels any doubt I’ve ever had in my mind that creativity is gone in these times.

I present to you the words of fools, the babble of the irrational, the ravings of lunatics. Nay, to accuse these writers of insanity is to offend the insane. These are the words of the deeply stupid.

Inside is a part of what Wikipedia calls the ‘New French Extremity‘ “wave” of films released during the last decade. These movies are, for the most part, spectacularly extreme and employ a gritty look inspired by other influential horror films from the 70s such as Last House on the Left and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’ve had to play catch up on this horror sub-genre and from what I’ve seen so far, the films are a mixed bag. Some of them contain fantastic elements (the stunning, unpredictable roller coaster ride that is the first half of  Martyrs and Vincent Cassel’s performance in Sheitan) but are significantly flawed (the overreaching second half of Martyrs, and Sheitan is ultimately too disjointed). Haute Tension is well done but has an ending so predictable and ridiculous that it completely ruins the rest of the movie. Frontiere(s) and Ils are perhaps the most entertaining.

À l’intérieur is one of the worst and, because my fellow horror-loving brothers and sisters have lost their minds, this places me in a small minority.

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‘The Possession’

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The Possession poster

The Possession (2012). Directed by Ole Bornedal. Produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Natasha Calis, Madison Davenport, Matisyahu, Grant Show.

I tend not to go to the multiplex very often to catch a horror movie. If I do it’s usually because I’ve heard that a certain movie is worth seeing or I’m desperate enough to see any horror movie on the big screen. This time I was mostly prompted by the latter option, though I also thought I could trust Sam Raimi to produce a halfway interesting movie. I was wrong. Thanks for nothing, Sam Raimi.

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The Third Annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Begins!

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As I came home from work the other night I felt the wind picking up. I enjoyed the sound of it rustling through the trees. I left the screen door open to let the chill blow into our home; it has been a warm summer and I found the crispness refreshing. It would seem that the long days of summer are finally waning to make room for the long, dark nights of the coming fall and winter. Fall… winter… that means the holidays are coming and Halloween is nearer than you think! It’s time for me to build a long list of horror films to watch over the next couple of months.

And so I welcome you, ghosts and ghouls, to my Third Annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon! It’s that time of year where I’ll wrestle with beasts and apparitions, demons and dementia, screams and blood; in other words, I’ll try to scare myself by watching a handful of horror flicks. You know what’s even scarier? It’s election season. In just a couple of months we may take a horrifying turn into a world ruled by those lacking reason and sanity, who feed on your fear and are driven to possess and control your very soul, whatever that may be. So rise from the grave, my tired zombies, and vote this November or the bloodsucking zombies may win!

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