‘Dead Snow’

Dead SnowDead Snow (2009) Directed by Tommy Wirkola. Starring Lasse Valdal, Charlotte Frogner, Vegar Hoel, Jeppe Laursen, Evvey Kasseth Røsten, Jenny Skavlan, Stig Frode Hennriksen.

I don’t think I’ve watched any zombies for the marathon yet. The Norwegian Nazi zombie comedy Dead Snow is listed in my 333 Films to Scare You to Death book so and it’s streaming on Netflix so it seemed like a good choice. I was not let down. This is one of the most entertaining zombie movies I’ve seen in a while.

Dead Snow is your basic kids on Easter vacation getting killed off by the undead flick, except this time the corpses aren’t just zombies, they’re Nazi zombies. After all, what could be more evil than a simple run-of-the-mill zombie? Yes, a Nazi zombie. Tommy Wirkola used the real Nazi occupation of Norway as a starting point for his simple plot, inventing a Nazi force that, at the end of the war, looted valuables from the citizens of the village of Øksfjord. Fed up with years of abuse, the locals banded together and chased the Nazi force into the hills where the evil soldiers presumably froze in the Norwegian cold. Unfortunately our present day group of young partiers find a box containing some of the coveted valuables, thus drawing the attention of the greedy Nazi zombies.

The plot is simple and moves along at a fast clip but allows us to get to know the characters long enough to keep us engaged. The actors are great; young, good-looking and funny. Their personalities help to compel the plot along, much unlike another movie I shall be reviewing soon. You almost forget that the story being told is one you’ve seen many times before.

And Dead Snow certainly brings on the action and gore. This may be the bloodiest, messiest movie I’ve watched for the marathon this year. You get zombies biting, chewing, disemboweling, ripping a head in half, and tearing a man apart by his limbs. After our friends find the prerequisite toolshed, there are plenty of creative zombie deaths as well– zombie death by chainsaw, mallet, and even by snowmobile.

Thought was put into the nature of the zombies as well. The filmmakers didn’t just declare them Nazis and stop there. These zombies are fast and smart, not your Romero-style slow, dim-witted zombies. These guys will stop and check you out with their sharp, piercing eyes, sizing you up before moving in to take you out. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen zombies throw punches, but they do so here. The lead Nazi zombie, Herzog, is so bad ass he doesn’t even need to enter the fray, he just uses his commanding voice to raise his minions.

Our Norwegian friends have done it again. I had a blast with the unique take on zombies provided by Dead Snow. If you’re a fan of undead blood and gore, you can’t miss it.

Here you go, take the time to learn a bit about the Nazi occupation of Norway.


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