The 2012 Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Awards Ceremony

Halloween Mask

Good evening, freaks and ghouls! We have reached the end of the Justin’s Third Annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

This year we encountered Nazi-zombies, trolls, slithering alien bug creatures, ghosts, two demonic possessions, a mutant monster baby, a brood of mutant children, deranged inbred mountain men, insect creatures from another dimension, Dracula (twice, once in animated form), a shape-changing scientist, two crazed killers, a haunted dybbuk box, haunted Super 8 film, brooding werewolves (yuck), sparkling vampires (blechh), seemingly suicidal college kids, and the manifestations of the mind of a tormented artist.

Here’s my list of movies, linked to trailers:

21 horror movies under my belt. I didn’t do such a great job of sticking to my theme of babies/infants but it was an incentive to check out a couple of films I’ve been meaning to see. Next year at this time our baby will actually be here (!!!) so perhaps I’ll go with it then. Although with having to take care of a baby and a six-year-old, I’m wondering how much time I’ll have for a fourth annual movie marathon. I shall do my best.

I rediscovered horror comedies this year, a part of the horror genre I had forgotten could be so fantastic. Tucker & DaleSlither, and Dead Snow all served to remind me that not all horror comedy is at the same juvenile level as Troma.

Ahh, the evil minions are getting restless and demanding that the results be revealed. Votes were tallied by candlelight in the basement of an abandoned insane asylum. As each demented spirit cast their votes, they hurried off to find some innocent soul to possess. An angry Cthulhu nearly ruined the proceedings when one of the spirits tried to make off with a copy of the Necronomicon.

Best Performance: It’s difficult to choose this year. Christopher Lee is a fantastic Dracula but he doesn’t appear in as many scenes of Horror of Dracula as he should. The pick instead is Otto Jespersen, the hunter from Trollhunter. His part could have easily been more of an action hero but instead he keeps his cool. He’s a man just doing a job and that happens to be hunting one of the most dangerous animals in existence.

Most Twisted Scene: From Slither, the zombified townsfolk of Wheelsy walking into the gigantic mound of flesh that used to be Michael Rooker.

The “WTF Are You Doing Here?” Award: Tie between Adam Sandler and the entire cast of Twilight.

Biggest Surprise: Paranormal Activity 3

Image That Will Haunt My Dreams Forever: This one from Paranormal Activity 3:

Bloodiest Movie: Inside, which ends with a shot of what must be gallons of blood streaming down a staircase.

Best Monster: There weren’t many monsters to choose from this year but the towering trolls of Trollhunter filled me with complete and utter joy.

Best Set Design: The tilted angles of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Actor With The Most Difficulty Keeping Prosthetic Teeth In Their Mouth: Fredric March in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Number Of Movies That Brought Me Closer To Completing The 333 Films To Scare You To Death List: 7

Actor With The Tiredest Arm: Florencia Colucci in The Silent House who had to carry around a lantern for about half of the movie.

Scariest Movie: There were a couple of really scary ones but I don’t think anything got to me the way the Bloody Mary scene did in PA3. It helped that the two actors in the scene seemed genuinely frightened. Absentia runs a close, close second.

Funniest Movie: Many to choose from but Tucker & Dale vs Evil is filled with numerous laugh out loud moments, many of which were character driven and not just sight gags. Not that there’s anything wrong with sight gags.

Most Baffling Movie: Hour of the Wolf. Bergman, you’re such a kidder.
Hour of the Wolf

Most Deaths: Nearly the entire town of Wheelsy in Slither.

Most Unintentionally Hilarious Scene In An Otherwise Horrible Movie: A possessed Catholic priest tries to drown a baby during a baptism in The Devil Inside.

Best Death: College student accidentally jumps into a wood chipper in Tucker & Dale vs Evil.

Worst Film: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse seems far too obvious but it made me truly miserable. Without it I’d probably have to pick Inside, a movie that rushed into being shocking instead of taking its time to develop c character and story.

Best Film: It’s really close between two films, Absentia and Trollhunter. Both of them have great ideas with fantastic execution. And while Absentia is one of the most original, scariest independent horror films I’ve seen, I gotta give the edge to Trollhunter, which had me literally jumping up and down in my seat.

That’s it. I had a great time and I’m sorry to see it come to a close, but it’s time to move on to other things. The holidays are around the corner and I may have to make some preparations… Happy Holidays, freaks and ghouls! See you soon! Maybe sooner than you think…


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