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Bonus movie! ‘V/H/S/2’

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20, 2013 by Justin T.

It seemed like Halloween ended too soon this year so I had to toss in an extra movie. I’m glad I did because this film pretty much topped everything else I watched over the past couple of months. I present to you…


V/H/S/2 (2013) – Directed by Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard, Eduardo Sánchez, Gregg Hale, Timo Tjahjnto, Gareth Huw Evans, Jason Eisner. Starring Lawrence Michael Levine, Kelsy Abbott, Adam Wingard, Hannah Hughes, Jay Saunders, Dave Coyne, Wendy Donigian, Fachry Albar, Hanna Al Rashid, Oka Antara, Rylan Logan, Samantha Gracie.

Last year V/H/S showcased a series of “found footage” short films by a group of “up and coming” horror directors such as Adam Wingard and Ti West. Those of you who are weary of found footage probably stayed away but I happen to like them so I was eager to see what the new flesh would bring me. I thought the movie was fine but had nothing really special going for it with the possible exception of the final short that had a bit of a frantic, rollercoaster feel to it. I also really couldn’t stand the framing story, which contained a group of characters that were such unbelievable assholes I didn’t even care enough to see them killed off. I expected little from the sequel and didn’t feel the need to rush into it until it was heartily recommended to me. I’m thrilled to have checked it out.

The sequel improves on the faults of the original. With one less film and a less complicated framing story, V/H/S/2  has a shorter running time so it doesn’t wear out its welcome. The quality of the shorts is improved as well. They aren’t filled with as many asshole characters like the ones we had to suffer with before. And they utilize more of that crazy thrill ride tone I am drawn towards in my horror movies these days.

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Halloween Day and the 2013 Awards Ceremony

Posted in Uncategorized on November 6, 2013 by Justin T.

Halloween Haunted House

Another Halloween has passed us and another horror movie marathon down. Keeping up with the posts has been tough this year while I’ve been caring for my newborn son, who occasionally becomes an infant demon that desires to destroy us by keeping us awake into the dark, horrid hours of the night and dreadful morning. It’s surprising I got as many movies in as I did, though many of them were chopped into bloody, thirty minute segments I surreptitiously devoured from my phone while lying in bed lest I wake the little bundle of terror. Let’s get this over with before Mephistopheles awakens once more. Here are the films I watched over the past couple of weeks, including two on Halloween day!

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