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The Fourth Annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Begins!

Posted in Hammer Film Productions on August 27, 2013 by Justin T.
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Is summer over yet? Is it nearly fall? Well… it’s close enough! Welcome to the kick off of my Fourth Annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon! This is my fourth year? Incredible! I look forward to it every year and every year I want to start earlier and earlier. “What do you mean I can’t launch my Halloween Horror Movie Marathon in January???” Some people are weirded out enough when I wish them a Happy Halloween in August… but have you seen the store shelves yet? In retail-land, I’m falling behind!

Oh, the creatures of the night are restless. I can hear them howling and I smell the sulfur in their slavering… It seems that they have picked up the scent of the newborn and it’s driving them mad! Not with hunger, no… I believe they’re worried that the recent arrival of a baby means we won’t be able to watch as many horrific films as we have the past three years. That may be the case, dear ones, but we’ll get in what we can.

This year I’m starting things off with a Hammer Film Productions classic…

The Mummy (1959) The Mummy (1959) — Directed by Terence Fisher. Starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Felix Aylmer, Yvonne Furneaux, Eddie Byrne, George Pastell, Raymond Huntley.

It is 1895 and archaeologist John Banning (Peter Cushing) is in Egypt with his father Stephen (Felix Aylmer) and uncle Joseph Whemple (Raymond Huntley) searching for the lost tomb of Princess Ananka, a high priestess of the god Karnak. Well, the old white dudes aren’t working that hard but they are keeping an eye on the sweaty locals they hired to dig in the hot sand. Soon the entrance is uncovered but before Stephen and Joseph can enter (John’s leg is broken, keeping him immobile in the tent), a fez wearing Egyptian named Mehemet Bey (George Pastell) arrives to shoo the potential defilers away from the sacred tomb. “He who robs the graves of Egypt… dies,” he warns them. The old men shrug off his warnings and enter the crypt regardless.

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